Sometimes, Sobriety Sucks Los Angeles Sober Living for Men

I don’t care if YOU want to drink or do drugs. I want to ask you, What do YOU want out of sobriety?

  • You didn’t try to do it but you ultimately sobered me up.
  • Not nearly as bad as when I was stuck in that cycle of drinking tho.
  • Undertaking and performing this simple answer will not always be easy or fun.
  • I enjoy feeling my pain in some strange way.
  • If you think this website is useful and entertaining, wait until you read the book.

There is no guarantee that your marriage, relationship or friendships will be rekindled. No guarantee that your kids will love or respect you again. No guarantee that you will become happy, wealthy and find true bliss.

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I’m not trying to get you to join my cult—I don’t have one. I don’t need you to like me or even agree with me.

And yes, sometimes I get jealous of my friends that can drink normally. But now, I get to be the person who makes sure they get home safe from the bar.

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Just as when you were a drunk, you thought you were fine because you never had to deal with you. But there will be changes and those who support you are going to have to put up with your changes. It’s an old story, but it’s true – no one ever plans on growing up to be a drunk or to have alcohol ruin their lives.

Now that I know that, I make the conscious choice to not partake in drinking or drugs. You, or someone you know may also be in this same category. Sobriety is NOT always fun and it’s NOT always easy.

Getting Sober Alone Sucks

Discover on your own what is most rewarding for YOU. This isn’t intended to be the setup for a joke, that’s how it happens. The first drink you take in your life or the first time you get drunk doesn’t make you an alcoholic. It takes time and hundreds upon hundreds of drinks which follow that first sobriety sucks one. Some substances are known to overtake a person the first time they use it. But alcohol, like tobacco, requires repeated usage for your mind, body and emotions to become dependent on them. The first puff of a cigarette doesn’t hook you and the first drink in your life doesn’t hook you.

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I had made it to almost 4 months sober at one point and then convinced myself that I’d be able to enjoy just a glass of wine. I wasn’t ‘cured’ and I had to come to terms that I never would be. The closest thing to a ‘cure’ would be sobriety. I remember reading about a woman, I think in England, who had been sober for 20 years. For whatever reason, after 20 years, she decided to drink again. It can be boring, torturous, lonely, painful, and shitty. But would I risk the 3+ years I have now under my belt for just one more drink ?

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